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Spatial Features and Indicators of Habitation Quality in the Human Settlements of the Ialomiţa Subcarpathians

Monica Carmen BALTĂLUNGĂ1
1 Bucharest University, Faculty of Geography, “Simion Mehedinţi” Doctoral School, ROMANIA
Pages: 37-47

Abstract. The geographic studies involving in various forms the human settlements need to also include quantitative and qualitative references on their spatial features. These studies also need to include aspects on habitation and the reference should be, in this case, to the norms in force or, where they do not exist, to regional, national or even international averages, depending on the situation. Thus, important landmarks are created for comparisons based on which analyses can be made in terms of the way natural conditions are reflected in the quality of life and in the way they could be profitably used in economy. The relief of the Ialomiţa Subcarpathians has been a favourable factor for the founding and development of settlements, especially along the valleys and in the depressions separated by forested hills. The first part of this study presents the land structure of and analyzes the land fund, closely related in practice to the land use. This also gives a conclusive image on the dominant economic activities. Settlement dispersion was another element for correlation, the series of values recorded being quite large by comparison to the generally unitary aspect of the relief. Later on, starting from this general image on the quality of habitation, for a precise quantification, seven indicators have been used. For five of them, a positive dynamics has been noted, confirming the development potential of the area, despite the negative demographic phenomena characterizing it at present. At the same time, this helps delimit the more or less attractive areas in this region, which could constitute the basis for diagnosis and could provide guidelines for directions of interventions by development programs where demographic and economic re-dynamization is needed.

K e y w o r d s:  land fund, agricultural/non-agricultural area, indicators, habitation, settlements