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A Phenomenon of Spatial Economic Democracy: Emerging Small-Medium Enterprises along the Street Corridors of Yogyakarta, Indonesia

1 Diponegoro University, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Urban and Regional Planning, Semarang, INDONESIA
Pages: 137-146

Abstract. In the case of Indonesia, the development of economic activities and physical growth of cities are mostly done by small and medium actors. The activities are scattered in strategic locations known as “fast growing areas”. Certain aspects, such as: changes in business climate, global economic crisis, as well as the influence of democracy and decentralization on the Indonesian economy, have marked the growth of self-sufficiency and the increase of spontaneous efforts of communities for economic development. All of these have implied rapid changes in using every lot of land considered suitable, especially along the street corridors of urban areas. This study investigates the phenomenon of the growing small-medium businesses along the main street corridors in Yogyakarta City, Indonesia. Applying qualitative approach, with field observation and interview methods, findings of this study show that communities actually expect a real economic development, and physical development of the city can help the spread of retail businesses as part of fulfilling their facility needs. Furthermore, urban development, which is marked by the growth of many small and medium enterprises in Yogyakarta, indicates spatial democracy, the dynamics of which are based on the spirit of the economic life of the society.

K e y w o r d s:  economic democracy, small-medium enterprises, spatial economy, urban development, urban street corridor, Yogyakarta