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Main subject areas

Journal of Settlements and Spatial Planning seeks to publish original theoretical and applied research studies on a large range of subjects addressed to urban and rural settlements and spatial planning, as well as precise issues related to both of them.

Areas of particular interest:

   - theoretical  approaches in settlements’ analysis 
   - localization  and spatial distribution
   - identity and typology of  settlements 
   - architecture and design 
   - inner structure and functional zoning 
   - technical infrastructures 
   - public transport and urban circulation 
   - urban and rural economy 
   - urban and rural landscape 
   - polarization areas, systems of settlements 
   - urban and rural development policies
   - future design  patterns 
Spatial  Planning
 - current issues and trends in land-use  planning and urban design
 - theories and models for sustainable development
 - demographic and socio-economic  assessment
 - technical infrastructure planning
 - natural resources – evaluation, use and impact 
 - geographical risk in spatial planning
 - environmental assessment 
 - landscape planning
 - agriculture, forestry, alternative land-use, mining areas
 - tourism planning
 - applying GIS to spatial planning
 - alternative sources of energy and spatial development