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Octombrie 08, 2019
Low-Income Housing Backlogs and Deficits “Blues” in South Africa.What Solutions Can a Lean Construction Approach Proffer?
Pages: 71-88
Abstract * Full text * DOI: 10.24193/JSSP.2019.2.01
Iunie 30, 2019
Population Dynamics in the Coastal Urban Settlements of the Baltic Sea Region
Alexander G. DRUZHININ, Nikolay V. GONTAR, Andrey S. MIKHAYLOV
Pages: 61-70
Abstract * Full text * DOI: 10.24193/JSSP.2019.1.06
Iunie 30, 2019
Planning for Sustainable Tourism. Case study: Kampung of Cookies, Surabaya, Indonesia
Mimin A. YUSUF, Rahardian ARI, Rika KISNARINI, Dewi SEPTANTI, Happy R. SANTOSA
Pages: 49-60
Abstract * Full text * DOI: 10.24193/JSSP.2019.1.05
Iunie 29, 2019
GIS Integration Model of Metropolitan Area Sustainability Index (MASI). The Case of Paris Metropolitan Area
Mărgărit-Mircea NISTOR, Alexandru Sabin NICULA, Ionel HAIDU, Ioan SURDU, Iulius-Andrei CAREBIA, Dănuţ PETREA
Pages: 39-48
Abstract * Full text * DOI: 10.24193/JSSP.2019.1.04
Iunie 28, 2019
Mapping Indigenous Nutrient Status of Post-Eruption Soil to Support the Fertilization of Rice (Oryza sativa) in the Southern Area of Merapi Mountain, Indonesia
Eko Amiadji JULIANTO, Suntoro SUNTORO, Widyatmani Sih DEWI, Partoyo PARTOYO
Pages: 29-38
Abstract * Full text * DOI: 10.24193/JSSP.2019.1.03
Mai 28, 2019
Delineation of the Urban Influence Area Using the Multi-Criteria Assessment Method. The Case of Focşani City, Romania
Florentina-Cristina MERCIU, Irina MARVU, Oana Bianca ILIESCU, George-Laurențiu MERCIU
Pages: 13-28
Abstract * Full text * DOI: 10.24193/JSSP.2019.1.02
Mai 27, 2019
Popular Participation in the Elaboration of Urban Planning Tools in Algeria. The Case of Blida State
Pages: 1-12
Abstract * Full text * DOI: 10.24193/JSSP.2019.1.01
Decembrie 28, 2018
Sustainable Development of Fishermen Settlement Based on Cultural Aspects
Ainun Nurin SHARVINA, Muhammad FAQIH, Happy Ratna SANTOSA, Arina HAYATI
Pages: 117-125
Abstract * Full text * DOI: 10.24193/JSSP.2018.2.04
Decembrie 28, 2018
Model of Slum Area Management Based on Socio-Spatial Approach. The Case of Baubau City, Indonesia
Dian Purnamasari ZAIN, Darmawan SALMAN, Sumbangan BAJA
Pages: 103-115
Abstract * Full text * DOI: 10.24193/JSSP.2018.2.03
Decembrie 05, 2018
A Tripartite Approach to Ensure Municipal Service Delivery. The Case of a Mining Town in South Africa
Pages: 93-102
Abstract * Full text * DOI: 10.24193/JSSP.2018.2.02
Decembrie 03, 2018
Spatial Patterns of Local Income Inequalities
Ibolya TÖRÖK, József BENEDEK
Pages: 77-91
Abstract * Full text * DOI: 10.24193/JSSP.2018.2.01