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Realurbanism: or the Urban Realpolitik.Towards a “Spatialisation” of the Realist Paradigm from International Relations Theories

1 University of Grenoble, Urbanism Institute, PACTE-Territoires, Grenoble, FRANCE
Pages: 1-10

Abstract. In this article we aim to communicate scientific research results by which we try to introduce into territory sciences, and especially into the field of urbanism, an innovative model for “realist” lecture and analysis of urban policies and practices: the “Realurbanism” model, within the meaning of the “Realist paradigm” in international relations theories. Empirically-inductive based transposition has led us to develop the Realurbanism model that is constructed on three fundamental and corollary theses: “The anarchical urban governance”, “The privatisation of urbanism” and “The power relationships and their balance”. This analysis and lecture grid permit a better understanding of urban governance and urban development in anarchy contexts (state-of-anarchy) where limits between public and private interests are permanently negotiated. Thus, from a structurally determinist model, due to its “balance of power” such as clearly inherited from political realism in international relations, Realurbanism can evolve towards a voluntary tool for anarchical elaboration of the urban project: “The sociocratical negotiation”.

K e y w o r d s:  anarchy, privatisation, public power, pealist paradigm, sociocracy, urban governance, urban policies