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Lively Streets: The Role of Streetscape Elements in Improving the Experience of Commercial Street Users in Amman, Jordan

Shatha Mahmoud Al  ODAT*1, Nabeel Al KURDI2
* Corresponding author
1 University of  Queensland, School of Architecture, Brisbane, AUSTRALIA
2 University of Jordan, School  of Engineering, Department of Architecture, Amman, JORDAN   
Pages: 1-12

Abstract. Nowadays, planners and designers manage streets, not only as a channel for movement but also as a place for socialising. However, streets in Amman city are still growing into highways that serve vehicles rather than social interaction. Hence, this situation brings more problems for both the liveliness of Amman’s streets and their users’ experience. This study examines the characteristics of streetscape elements that particularly affect users’ experience to improve social and sustained activities on commercial streets. To achieve this aim, structured and semi-structured observations were used to investigate the stationary and transitory activities and measure their duration time. Also, a questionnaire for street users was distributed, and a simple regression test was used to reveal the most preferable characteristics for streetscape elements to improve users’ experience on commercial streets and attract more users to participate with social and sustained activities for a longer period. The findings reveal that poor and inadequate streetscapes on commercial streets affect users’ experience; hence, only transitory and necessary stationary activities are available. Therefore, well-designed shopping streets, with comfortable and suitable seating, shelters along the street, lighting devices all over the street, walkable and accessible sidewalks, and green cover, would become much livelier. Finally, the research highlighted the importance of public participation in creating lively cities and suggesting the best practices to be implemented by the local governments.

K e y w o r d s: liveliness, user’s experience, streetscape elements, commercial streets