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Silver Tourism and Recreational Activities as Possible Factors to Support Active Ageing and the
Resilience of the Tourism Sector

Ana-Maria TALOŞ1,2, Ana-Irina LEQUEUX-DINCĂ1*, Mihaela PREDA1, Camelia SURUGIU3, Alina MARECI1, Iuliana VIJULIE4
* Corresponding author
1 University of Bucharest, Faculty of Geography, Department of Human and Economic Geography, Bucharest, ROMANIA
2 University of Bucharest, Romanian Young Academy, Bucharest, ROMANIA
3 University of Bucharest, Faculty of Business and Administration, Bucharest, ROMANIA
4 University of Bucharest, Faculty of Geography, Department of Regional Geography and Environment, Bucharest, ROMANIA
Pages: 29-48

Abstract. Population ageing, affecting both developed and developing countries nowadays, poses new challenges but also represents an opportunity for socio-economic systems in general, and in particular for tourism and recreation. In the light of the recently designed EU silver economy policies, active ageing shapes itself to be an attractive opportunity for the European leisure market. Seriously affected by the COVID-19 health crisis, the tourism sector’s resilience depends on the hospitality industry’s capacity to adapt, innovate, and respond to society’s new demographic challenges. Consequently, new types and forms of tourism and new service technologies should be implemented having in mind an ageing population. This paper used as the main research tool a survey on Bucharest residents aged 65 and over, aiming to identify their main preferences and limitations regarding recreational activities and leisure tourism. The main results identify similarities and differences to findings on European silver tourists and could be further valued by better adapted holiday packages and tourism marketing strategies for Romania. The present research emphasised differences in senior travel preferences and a possible segmentation of silver tourists in Romania (e.g. based on their income, education level), highly suggesting that the elderly’s needs have to be addressed by tailor-made products.

K e y w o r d s: leisure travel, seniors, demographic challenges, tourism recovery, Bucharest