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Spatial Analysis of the Implications of Traffic and Parking Activities in the Mubi Cattle Market Area, Adamawa State, Nigeria

Phanuel B. JOSHUA1, John O. ODIHI1
1 University of Maiduguri, Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Geography, Maiduguri, Borno State, NIGERIA

Abstract. Traffic studies have been a paramount aspect of proper transportation planning in every urban area in any part of the world, including Nigeria. This paper seeks to analyze the traffic and parking situation related to the Mubi cattle market area in order to make some planning recommendations. Data for the study was generated through a traffic survey and counting of vehicles at three cordons points namely Ahmadu Bello Way, Cattle Market Road junction and along Maiha Road, on a quarterly basis. Similarly, a parking survey was also conducted at hourly intervals within the cattle market and on the roadsides in front of the cattle market. Surveys were conducted on the pre-market day (Monday), on the market day (Tuesday) and on the post-market day (Wednesday) to compare traffic volume and parking variations. Results show that traffic volume increased in the evening compared to the morning of the market day (Tuesday), and became lower on Wednesday. Pre-market day survey showed lower traffic than Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  However, Wednesday evenings recorded higher traffic than in the mornings because the loading of cattle coincides with other vehicles returning home after work during the rush-hour. Considering all traffic and parking challenges, the road network around the area should be redeveloped to handle traffic, while the cattle market should be relocated away from the population hub to the outskirts of the town to overcome the traffic bottlenecks around the present market.

K e y w o r d s:  Mubi cattle market, traffic, parking, survey, cordon points, planning