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Traditional Architecture with Contemporary Use. Method of Preserving the National Architecture of Macedonia

Petar NAMICEV1, Ekaterina NAMICEVA2
1 University  Goce Delchev, Faculty of Natural and Technical Sciences, Shtip, MACEDONIA
2 Polytechnic University of Milan, Faculty of Architecture, Milan, ITALY
Pages: 89-97

Abstract. The development of traditional architecture in Macedonia refers to the period of the 19th century and the first half of the 20th century, when constructions had great intensity. However, there is limited number of buildings that can be adapted for the purpose of modern tourism today. The adjustments to the legislation for cultural heritage preservation, as well as the private ownership of facilities are making the process of developing tourist accommodation facilities harder for implementation. Regions acknowledged for traditional values need to comply with certain social and economic conditions for their rehabilitation for tourism purposes. Thus, it is necessary to improve infrastructure, provide functional road networks, develop health facilities, and investments that will enable the preservation of the buildings, along with the values of the environment and the natural landscape. In terms of protection it is necessary to preserve the value of the buildings - architectural, structural, and cultural, implement the ecological concept and sustainability, through the creation of modern conditions and adapted facilities as part of tourist infrastructure.

K e y w o r d s:  building heritage, architecture, rehabilitation, protection, tourism planning, village, house