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Problems in Regional Development in Bulgarian Part of Dobrudja

1 University „Konstantin Preslavski”, Departament of Geography, Shumen, BULGARIA
Pages: 157-161

Abstract. This paper analyses the contemporary problems of demographic and socio-economic development of the Dobrudja. In the Bulgarian part there are clearly distinguished differences in the development of urban and rural areas on the one hand, and coastal and inland part on the other. This report analyzes the borders of the region. Thus there are characterized the most important demographic patterns such as: age, unemployment, employment and others, influencing the regional development. Attention is paid to borders with Romania and the possibilities for alternative economic development. Based on the reviewed literature, an overview about the scope of the southern boundary of the Dobrudja has been made. It tends to be a territory, which is very similar to and overlaps with the geographical concept of Ludogorie. The main scientific contribution of this material is the territorial differentiation of the Bulgarian part of Dobrudja, which is made in connection with its different social, economic and demographical development. It indicates the crucial role of the town as an agglomeration centre, as well as the sharp fall in the development of the rural territories. In some of the territories bordered with Romania, the processes of the depopulation are some of the fastest in the country and as a result the demographic situation is highly aggravated. An essential disproportion is also found in the coastal-area development of the region of Dobrudja. Theoretically, this part is recognized as a main power source of the economy of the country and the regions.  An essential deviation is found in the municipality of Shabla, which is a serious disadvantage of this region. The research shows a considerable polarization, when it is based on the model of “Centre-periphery”. The report only marks the problems in the regional development of this part. The substantial area examinations and analysis are going to be made.

K e y w o r d s:  Dobrudja, regional development, problems, bordering territories