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Object-Relational Modelling and Establishment of a Generic Database for the Management and Monitoring of Urban Planning Permissions in the City of El-Eulma (Algeria)

Ahmed AKAKBA1, Abdelwahhab FILALI2
1 University of Batna 2, Earth and Universe Sciences Institute, Department of Geography, Fesdis, Wilaya of Batna, ALGERIA
2 University of Batna 2, Laboratory of Natural Hazards and Spatial Planning (LRNAT), Fesdis, Wilaya of Batna, ALGERIA
Pages: 139-146

Abstract. The decision to issue urban planning permissions (e.g.: deeds) at the local communities level in Algeria is based on the cadastral plan (land administration) which defines the owners of the land and the Land Use Plan (LUP, French: POS); in turn, LUP defines the allocation of land and the applicable planning rules. The aim of the present task is therefore to contribute to the development of a Geo-referenced database that would enable us to exploit LUP data (geometric and attribute) as well as the cadastral plan. This approach would allow us to produce a wide range of spatialized, structured and standardized information, thus facilitating the provision of planning documents, the preparation of fiscal reports, the evaluation of spatio-temporal changes, etc. The modelling of data is based on the object-relational modelling adopted by ESRI; this model has been built using the extension “ArcInfo UML Model” integrated in Microsoft Visio. Importing the model into a geodatabase module is done using the “ESRI Schema Creation Wizard” available in ArcCatalog. Furthermore, a municipal one-stop shop for all the formalities required, which was recently established by Decree #19/15, brings together stakeholders in a single commission to deal with all relevant cases of El-Eulma city. The Geomatics approach adopted is a Geo-decisional tool for the one-stop-shop allowing for a good diffusion and communication of information in real time.

K e y w o r d s:  urban planning reports, LUP, cadastral plan, GIS, object-relational modelling