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Journal of Settlements and Spatial Planning addresses mainly to geographers, young researchers and also to other specialists in adjacent fields of research that focus their attention on aspects related to settlements and spatial planning. On the other hand, it strongly encourages representatives of the public administration, who are responsible with the practical implementation of planning projects, to bring their contribution to the scientific field.  Our journal seeks to publish original theoretical and applied research studies on a large range of subjects addressed to urban and rural settlements and spatial planning, as well as precise issues related to both of them. 
Since the frequency of our journal is biannual, being issued in June and December, we accept manuscripts all year long, no deadlines being set. However, your papers will be included in the first or the second issue of the year in accordance with the date they are accepted for publication, after the peer-review process is completed.

Special issues

In addition to regular issues Journal of Settlements and Spatial Planning includes Special Thematic Issues (supplements), which are published only at certain dates (usually in spring or autumn).
Information regarding special issues will be regularly posted on our website. Usually, special issues have guest editors and articles are focused on specific topics relevant to the current fundamental research and the socioeconomic environment. They consist of invited papers, relevant conference papers, and/or results of research projects.
Each of the special issues is previously announced and authors are encouraged to submit their papers according to the message of the guest editors.
Alike regular issues, special issues are also indexed and listed in the international databases.
All special issues published are freely available.

Guidelines for authors and other details related to the format of the paper are available in Guide for author(s) section. Please use that sample to edit your article. We will try to inform the authors the results of the peer-review within 3 months of submission. Once the author receives the letter of acceptance, their paper is published in the next available issue.

Why publish in JSSP?
Because our journal has a high level of specialization; its basic research subjects are settlements and spatial planning. The two major subject areas of the journal are relevant in the context of transition, globalization and exchange of values in society. 
Because we are new in the field, eager to become known, to create and enrich the research fund. Therefore, we encourage young and well specialized specialists to submit their original research manuscripts to be published in our journal.
For any additional information, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Journal of Settlements and Spatial Planning  
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