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Special Issue of Journal of Settlements and Spatial Planning

Planning for Resource Efficient Cities

Publication: February 2016

Guest Editors

Christian FERTNER, Niels Boje GROTH
Department of Geosciences and Natural Resource Management,
Section of Landscape Architecture and Planning, University of Copenhagen

Transforming cities’ use of resources to address the threats of climate change and resource scarcity is one of the main future challenges in urban development. Striving towards energy self-sufficiency, implementing regional resource cycles, retrofitting of the built environment as well as decoupling urban development and resource use are crucial for a city’s future vulnerability and resilience against changes in general resource availability. The challenge gets further complex, as resource and energy efficiency in a city is deeply interwoven with other aspects of urban development such as social structures as well as the geographical context. As cities are the main consumer of energy and resources they are both problem and solution to tackle issues of energy efficiency and saving. Furthermore, through innovation in green technologies and the removing of bottlenecks in network infrastructure, cities can enhance their competitiveness. This special issue will present research from EU FP7 project PLEEC (‘Planning for Energy Efficient Cities’,, but contributions from other researchers are most welcome!

Deadline for abstracts: July 15, 2015

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