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Starting with January 1st, 2018, some changes in the editorial publication policy of Journal of Settlements and Spatial Planning are implemented.

The same policy will be applied to all published articles, be them included in regular or special issues. Thus, charges will be applied to authors for the processing and publication of manuscripts submitted to JSSP after December 31st 2017, and subsequently accepted for publication.

The APC associated with the publication in the Journal of Settlements and Spatial Planning is of 150Euro/article. According to our policy, a 25% fee waiver is applied to articles whose first authors are PhD or Master students. Authors in this position should contact the editorial board and confirm their quality by providing a confirmation letter from the institution they are affiliated to. In this case the Article Processing Charge will be of 112.5 Euro.

All costs will be charged only upon the acceptance of their manuscripts for publication. The principal author of every article will receive a printed copy of the issue in which their paper was published. This will be delivered by post. For all the other printed copies that authors may request we will charge 20 Euro/issue.

All issues of JSSP will be published full colour both online and in print.

Nonetheless, in accordance with our previous policy related to publication charges, authors who submitted their manuscripts to be considered for publication in Journal of Settlements and Spatial Planning before December 31st, 2017 will not be charged for article processing and publication.