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Impact of Ribbon Development on Land Use along Dhaka Aricha Highway. The Case of Savar Upazila

1 Jahangirnagar University, Department of Urban and Regional Planning, Dhaka, BANGLADESH
Pages: 1-9

Abstract. Savar, one of the suburbs of Dhaka is undergoing tremendous development due to rapid urbanisation. Better access due to Dhaka Aricha Highway integrating with the development process has led augmentation of ribbon development. This type of development is very much attractive to developers in the sense that they do not have to waste money or plot space for constructing roads and can attract trade from the traffic on arterial roads. But the emergence of fringe zones and their complex, as well as unplanned ribbon development along Dhaka Aricha Highway, has led to serious land use problems such as haphazard urban growth, loss of agricultural lands, encroachment of water bodies, unauthorised urban sprawl, the rapid increase in land values, speculation in land and other related problems. Besides, the option for future planned development and provision of service along the Dhaka Aricha Highway is being jeopardized. In this consequence, this study attempts to focus on the trend of ribbon development along Dhaka-Aricha Highway to show the impact on the land use. To assess the trend in land use change, satellite image of four base years (2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016) of the study area were analysed by Geographical Information System (GIS) tool. Finally, a number of recommendations have been formulated to reduce the adverse impact of ribbon development.

K e y w o r d s:  ribbon development, rapid urban growth, land use change, Dhaka Aricha highway