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Vol. 12, Nr. 1/2021


Lively Streets: The Role of Streetscape Elements in Improving the Experience of Commercial Street Users in Amman, Jordan
Shatha Mahmoud Al ODAT, Nabeel Al KURDI
Pages: 1-12
Abstract * Full text * DOI: 10.24193/JSSP.2021.1.01

Towards Deliberative Ideals with Informality: A Practical Study of Rural Planning in Indonesia
Muhammad TAUFIQ, Suhirman SUHIRMAN, Tubagus Furqon SOFHANI, Benedictus KOMBAITAN
Pages: 13-23
Abstract * Full text * DOI: 10.24193/JSSP.2021.1.02

Correlating Urban Population Density and Sustainability Using the Corona Index Method
Tanushri KAMBLE, Sarika BAHADURE
Pages: 25-33
Abstract * Full text * DOI: 10.24193/JSSP.2021.1.03

Vernacular Architecture as Cultural Heritage: An Interpretation of Urban Vernacular ‘Bangla Baton’ Houses of Sylhet City, Bangladesh
Kawshik SAHA, Rezwan SOBHAN, Mohammad NAHYAN, Sadiya Afrin MAZUMDER
Pages: 35-49
Abstract * Full text * DOI: 10.24193/JSSP.2021.1.04

Noise Pollution in Urban Residential Environments: Evidence from Students’ Hostels in Awka, Nigeria
Nicholas I. OBI, Joy Sylvia C. OBI, Eziyi O. IBEM, Dickson M. NWALUSI, Ogochukwu Francis OKEKE
Pages: 51-62
Abstract * Full text * DOI: 10.24193/JSSP.2021.1.05

COVID-19 Pandemic – Milestone in Rediscovering the Rural Life
Pages: 63-70
Abstract * Full text * DOI: 10.24193/JSSP.2021.1.06