Abstract 05JSSP012020

Urban Development in the Cities of Tell Atlas Mountains Region in Northern Algeria: Médéa as a Model

Azzeddine BELLOUT*1, 2, Mohamed Abdessamad REZZAZ3, Christopher BRYANT4, 5
* Corresponding author
1 Teacher Training School of Bouzareah-Mubarek Ben Muhamed El-Mili, Bouzaréah, ALGERIA
2 University Akli Mohand Oulhadj of Bouira, Bouira, ALGERIA
3 University of Sciences and Technology Houari Boumediene (USTHBO), Bab-Ezzouar, ALGERIA
4 University of Montreal, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Department of Geography, Montreal, CANADA
5 University of Guelph, School of Environmental Design and Rural Development, Guelph, CANADA
E-mail: a.bellout@univ-bouira.dz, drezmas@yahoo.fr, christopher.robin.bryant@gmail.com
Pages: 45-55. DOI: 10.24193/JSSP.2020.1.05

Cite: Bellout A., Rezzaz M. A., Bryant C. (2020), Urban Development in the Cities of Tell Atlas Mountains Region in Northern Algeria: Médéa as a Model. Journal of Settlements and Spatial Planning, 11(1), 45-55. DOI: 10.24193/JSSP.2020.1.05

Abstract. Most of the mountain population in the developing world lives in urban areas and cities, mainly driven by three factors: increased population, higher incomes and lower transport costs. An urban policy for mountainous areas in Algeria is necessary to achieve sustainable development to reduce spatial disparities at the local, regional and national levels. This paper presents the results of a study of the urban development of the city of Médéa and its implications for the planning policy of mountain areas in Algeria using an analysis of data on socio-economic and environmental indicators and of the maps illustrating the city’s urban expansion. The results indicate the limited design of current urban policy, which is inconsistent with the development goals of mountain cities, the failure to reform land market, continued indiscriminate growth, and the multifaceted effects on rural areas in terms of their population and agricultural functions.

K e y w o r d s: urban growth, development planning, mountains, rurality, agriculture