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Journal of Settlements and Spatial Planning is mainly addressed to geographers, young researchers and also to other specialists in adjacent fields of research that focus their attention on aspects related to settlements and spatial planning. Moreover, it strongly encourages representatives of the public administration, who are responsible for the practical implementation of planning projects, to bring their contribution to the scientific field. 

Our journal seeks to publish original theoretical and applied research studies on a large range of subjects related to urban and rural settlements and spatial planning, as well as specific issues linked to both of them. 

Online First Policy. In the interest of both authors and readers, we adopted the online first policy in 2018. This aims to offer full access to the research results at the earliest date possible, thus reducing the time before submission and publication of a manuscript. Manuscripts accepted for publication will be posted online first. Every manuscript will be assigned a DOI and will be available for reading and citation even before the date of the regular publication (be it June or December of a certain year). Articles will carry their own online publication date (the month when it is uploaded on the website). After an online first article is assigned to a regular issue, it will still preserve the online date of publication, but when cited authors will be able to refer to it by using not only the DOI number, but also the volume/issue information and page numbers. Articles published online first are considered the final version, which will be also their printed version.

We accept submissions of manuscripts all year long, no deadlines being set.

Guidelines for authors and other details related to the format of the paper are available in the Author guidelines section.  We will try to inform the authors about the results of the peer-review within 4-8 weeks of submission. Once the author receives the letter of acceptance for publication, their paper is published online first and then included in the next available issue.

Why publish in JSSP?

Because our journal has a high level of specialization; its basic research subjects are settlements and spatial planning. The two major subject areas of the journal are relevant in the context of transition, globalization and exchange of values in society.

Because we are new in the field, eager to become known, to create and enrich the research fund.

We invite you to bring your contribution to improve the knowledge on settlements and spatial planning!

For any additional information, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Journal of Settlements and Spatial Planning  
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