Vol. 7, No. 2/2016


Settlement Closure or Persistence: A Comparison of Kangeq and Kapisillit, Greenland
Anthony J. DZIK
Pages: 99-112
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Social Participation as a Tool for Managing Functional and Spatial Changes. Examples of Selected Centres of Small and Medium-Sized Towns in Poland
Dominika HOŁUJ
Pages: 113-123
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The Single-Industry Towns of Belarus: Differences in Demographic and Economic Development 
Ekaterina A. ANTIPOVA, A. N. TITOV
Pages: 125-136
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A Phenomenon of Spatial Economic Democracy: Emerging Small-Medium Enterprises along the Street Corridors of Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Pages: 137-146
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A Pedestrian Rule and the Shortest Path: Pedestrian Routes in the Eastern Side of the Historical Centre of Turda City, Romania
Claudia Anamaria CHIFOR, Radu Alexandru TONCA
Pages: 147-156
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Theoretical-Methodological Basis for Studying the Preconditions of Ethnic Tourism in Multi-Ethnic Urban Settlements. The Case of Chernivtsi City, Ukraine
Valeriy P. RUDENKO, Vasyl O. DZHAMAN, Zhanna I. BUCHKO, Yaroslav V. DZHAMAN, Petro V. MRUCHKOVSKYY
Pages: 157-165
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Suitability Assessment for Selecting New Sites for Installing Water Service Centres within English Bazar Municipality, Malda, West Bengal
Sk ZIAUL, Swades PAL
Pages: 167-178
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Remote Sensing Application in Monitoring Impact of Mining Activities on Urban Growth. The Case of Makrana Marble Mines, India
Pages: 179-185
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Tehran Advanced Producer Services. Analysis of Spatial and Functional Characteristics
Pages: 187-199
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Investigating the Role of Faults in the Establishment and Survival of Settlements Using Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System (GIS). The Case of Sahneh County, Iran
Javad SADIDI, Mohammad MALEKI, Mahdis RAHMATI, Seyed Mohammad TAVAKKOLI SABOUR
Pages: 201-206
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Aspects on the Transformation and Decline of Mining Communities in Romania
Bianca RADU
Pages: 207-218
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