Vol. 4, No. 1/2013


Realurbanism: or the Urban Realpolitik.Towards a “Spatialisation” of the Realist Paradigm from International Relations Theories
Pages: 1-10
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Socioeconomic Segregation in Latin American Cities. A Geodemographic Application in Mexico City
Pablo MATEOS, Adrián Guillermo AGUILAR
Pages: 11-25
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Spatial Problems of Gated Communities in Poland. The Case of Torun 
Pages: 27-32
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Accounting for Spatial Non-Stationarity to Estimate Population Distribution Using Land Use/Cover. Case Study: the Lake Naivasha Basin, Kenya
Dawit W. MULATU, Anne VAN DER VEEN, Robert BECHT, Pieter R. VAN OEL, Desta J. BEKALO
Pages: 33-44
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Identification of Potential Sites for Urban Development Using GIS Based Multi Criteria Evaluation Technique. A Case Study of Shimla Municipal Area, Shimla District, Himachal Pradesh, India
Manish KUMAR, Vivekananda BISWAS
Pages: 45-51
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Functional Changes of the Rural Areas in Poland. Case Study: Warmińsko-Mazurskie Voivodeship
Pages: 53-58
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Aspects of Development and Territorial Potential in Turda – Câmpia Turzii Urban Agglomeration, Romania
Georgiana BOSIOC, Andreea Maria VÂTCĂ
Pages: 59-68
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The Eco-Village Concept in a Model Experiment in South-West Hungary
Pages: 69-76
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The Metamorphosis of Cities in the Republic of Moldova during the Communist Period and Beyond
Raisa ȚĂRUȘ, Vasile SURD
Pages: 77-86
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Centripetal and Centrifugal Forces. A Case Study of Regional Push and Pull Factors for Back-Movers in Northern Iceland, the Faroe Islands and Northern Norway
Pages: 87-94
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Pedestrianisation in Cluj-Napoca. An Economic (Re)Development Tool?
Bogdan-Nicolae PĂCURAR
Pages: 95-99
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The Outsider Advantage. Interviewing Planners and Other Elites in the Polish-German Borderland
Pages: 101-108
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Dysfunctions within the Spatial Micro-Systems. The Case of Vama Buzăului Commune, Romania
Oana Georgiana LUPOIU, Raisa ȚĂRUȘ
Pages: 109-118
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Planning Documents Issued in Poland at the Municipal Level. Example of the Krakow Metropolitan Area
Artur HOŁUJ, Bernadetta ZAWILIŃSKA
Pages: 119-127
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Debate on the Presence/Absence of the Vitruvian Triad in the Current Architecture and Urban Design
Vasile ZOTIC, Diana-Elena ALEXANDRU
Pages: 129-142
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