Vol. 3, No. 2/2012


An Approach on Spatial Integration and Diffusion Process
George M. KORRES
Pages: 57-61
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Direct Democracy in Decision Making for Mega-Projects: A New Culture of “Governance in Partnership”?
Rainer ROTHFUß, Camilla PERRONE, Rogério MORORÓ
Pages: 63-75
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Fordist Housing Behaviour in a Post-Fordist Context
Katrien SLEGERS, Christian KESTELOOT, Mathieu Van CRIEKINGEN, Jean-Michel DECROLY
Pages: 77-91
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Modelling of Habitat Suitability Index for Muntjac Muntiacus muntjak Using Remote Sensing, GIS and Multiple Logistic Regression
Imam EKWAL, Hussain TAHIR, Mary TAHIR
Pages: 93-102
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The Location of Subregional Facilities in Territories with Scattered Population. A Methodological Proposal Based on the Case of Asturias (Spain)
Pages: 103-110
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Assessing Usefulness of High-Resolution Satellite Imagery (HRSI) in GIS-Based Cadastral
Land Information System

Zahir ALI
Pages: 111-114
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Integrating Environmental Considerations into Transportation Planning through Strategic Environmental Assessment
Ana-Maria CORPADE, Ciprian CORPADE, Dănuț PETREA, Ciprian MOLDOVAN
Pages: 115-120
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Retail Transformation and Old Retailers: Can They Adapt to Change?
Pedro Porfírio GUIMARÃES
Pages: 121-127
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Settlement System of Belarus. Spatial and Temporal Trends at the End of 20th and the Beginning of the 21st Centuries
Ekaterina A. ANTIPOVA, Liudmila V. FAKEYEVA
Pages: 129-139
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The Impact of the Economic Crisis on the Romanian Communities from the Province of Ciudad Real, Spain. The Villarrubia de los Ojos Case
Petru Daniel MĂRAN
Pages: 141-149
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Socio-Economic Patterns and Trends in Rural Development in EU
Pages: 151-155
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Irrigated Perimeters and Eco-Social Diagnosis. Case Study: North Brăila Terrace
Elisabeta ROŞU, Violeta FLORIAN
Pages: 157-162
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Spatial and Social Dimensions of Post Conflict Urban Reconstruction Programme in South Western Nigeria. Example from  Ile-Ife, Nigeria
Oluseyi O. FABIYI, Olufunmilayo E. THONTTEH, Paul BORISADE
Pages: 163-174
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Asian “Energy Players” and Their Role in the Balkan Energy Strategy
Pages: 175-179
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Chalenges for a Sustainable Mobility in Cluj-Napoca Metropolitan Area, Romania
Ana-Maria CORPADE, Ciprian CORPADE, Claudia-Thora IONESCU
Pages: 181-186
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Current Environmental Situation in Gjirokastra Region. Risks, Factors and Consequences
Valbona DURI, Adela DHROMAJ
Pages: 187-194
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Holiday Villages in Romania. Typology and Premises for Development
Vasile ZOTIC, Viorel PUIU, Diana-Elena ALEXANDRU
Pages: 195-205
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