Vol. 15, No. 1/2024


Determining Small Towns’ Status Based on Their Basic Public Service Level. The Case of Mongolia
Pages: 1-10
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Recent Dynamics of Suburban Advancement and Building Densification in Relation to Landslide Exposure in the Main Cities of North-East Romania
Alexandru BĂNICĂ, Marinela ISTRATE, Ionel MUNTELE, Adrian GROZAVU
Pages: 11-21
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Unravelling the Role of Socio-Physical Drivers for Potential Built-up Site Selection in the Kumaun Himalayas Using GIS-Based Fuzzy-AHP and Machine Learning
Akash TIWARI, Manish KUMAR, Syed Irtiza MAJID, Sourav BHADWAL, Naresh Kumar VERMA, Dinesh Kumar TRIPATHI, Subhash ANAND
Pages: 23-38
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Ready for the Digital Era? A Comparative Analysis of Hungary and Romania in the Field of Digital Policy
Magdalena DRĂGAN, Réka HORECZKI, Gabriela MUNTEANU
Pages: 39-55
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Urban Mobility and Safety: Traffic Risks for Migrant Food Delivery Workers in Romania. Case Study: Cluj-Napoca Municipality
Titus-Cristian MAN, Camelia-Florina ANDOR
Pages: 57-65
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Beyond the Industrial Enclave: Analysing the Spatial and Socio-Economic Impact of Pithampur Automobile Cluster, India
Pratyoosh MADHAVI, Binayak CHOUDHURY, Ankit KUMAR
Pages: 67-76
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Exploring the Process and Perceptions of Noise Conflicts Related to a Geothermal Project. A Case Study of Szeged, Hungary
Fruzsina ENYEDI, György VIDA, Gergely BOGDÁN, Viktor PÁL
Pages: 77-88
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*** Articles published online first as part of the Special Issues: Water Supply and Wastewater Management in Modern and Smart Cities

Guest Editorial. Water Supply and Wastewater Management in Modern and Smart Cities
Xi ZHANG, Mohammadreza KAMALI
Pages: 1-3
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GIS and RS-Based Analysis of Water Pollution Potential Caused by Acid Mine Drainage in Samarinda, Indonesia
Tito Latif INDRA, Regina Putri AMALIA, Astrid DAMAYANTI
Pages: 5-13
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*** Articles published online first as part of the Special Issues: Sustainable Cities: Tools and Rules

A Fuzzy-Delphi Approach for the Prioritization of Traffic Impact Mitigation Measures under Heavy Rainfall Conditions
Pages: 5-18
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