Vol. 5, No. 1/2014


“Zaïmisation”, “Customisation” and “Sacralisation”: Three Major Phenomena of Privatisation Tendency of the Lebanese Regional Urbanism
Pages: 1-8
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A Spatio-Temporal Urban Growth Modelling. Case Study: Tehran Metropolis
Sassan MOHAMMADY, Mahmoud Reza DELAVAR
Pages: 9-17
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The Role of Built Cultural Heritage in Urban Development Strategies. Case Studies from Budapest 
Pages: 19-29
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Cluster Housing Concept. A Sustainable Site Design Approach of the Residential Subdivisions in the Municipality of Tuba, Philippines
Lord Byron F. GONZALES, Robert V. ROMERO
Pages: 31-40
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Trend and Differentials of a Socio-Demographic Scenario and Extent of Adolescent Fertility in Maharashtra, India
Puspita DUTTA, Sanjit SARKAR
Pages: 41-47
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Linking Time Use to Implementation of Spatial Plans: What explains the Dysfunctional Urban Landscapes in Zimbabwe?
Innocent CHIRISA
Pages: 49-60
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Recreational Assessment of Landscapes. Current Situation and Prospects (on the Example of River-Valley Landscapes)
Volodymyr KRUL, Daria HOLYAVCHUK
Pages: 61-66
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