Vol. 3, No. 1/2012


Land Use Scenarios for Greater Copenhagen: Modelling the Impact of the Fingerplan
Christian FERTNER, Gertrud JØRGENSEN, Thomas Sick NIELSEN
Pages: 1-10
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The Ecological Function of the City of Cluj-Napoca. A Functionalist-Heuristic Approach
Vasile SURD, Bogdan-Nicolae PĂCURAR
Pages: 11-19
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Assessment of Current State of Urban Resettlement in a Russian Region. Case Study: Orel Region 
Evgeny ALEKHIN, Vladimir TIKHII
Pages: 21-26
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Relations between Urbanization and Industrialization in Hunedoara
Georgiana BOSIOC, Ana M. DRĂGOI
Pages: 27-34
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Spatial – Temporal Variation of Population Growth and Sustainability of Food Grain Production in West Bengal, India
Sanjit SARKAR, Kasturi MONDAL
Pages: 35-42
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Implementing GIS-Based Cadastral and Land Information System in Pakistan
Zahir ALI, Muhammad SHAKIR
Pages: 43-49
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Neighbourhood Relationships between German Ethnic Groups from Romania. Case study: The Zipsers from Vişeu de Sus, Maramureş County
Pages: 51-56
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